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To Enhance the Value of the

World's Forests


To work with a network of consultants to earn the status of preferred and trusted advisors to the forestry industry, through the provision of quality, focused, tailored solutions.


To work with our clients to optimise the understanding, management, utilisation and value of their Natural Capital

Values and Behaviour:

  • Collaborative: we work collaboratively with our clients and our network of partners and associates that make up Independent Forester.

  • Committed: we are committed to delivering a quality product in the agreed time frame and budget. 

  • Accountable: we take ownership and hold ourselves and others to account for delivery of actions and outcomes.

  • Quality: we deliver the highest quality products and solutions to our clients with the aim of optimising their understanding, use and value of their natural capital.  

  • Innovation: we will strive to identify the optimum and when required innovative solutions to meet the clients’ requirements. 

  • Integrity:  we operate in a respectful, ethical and professional way with all our internal and external stakeholders.  We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ data and information and value their privacy.   We demonstrate in word and action zero-tolerance to bribery and corruption. 

  • Diversity and Inclusion: We are committed to embracing diversity in our industry and value cultural diversity maximising the effectiveness of human capital.   

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